Police vehicles are a target!

Who’s watching your back?

The Problem:

“Police vehicles are magnets that attract all sorts of people’s attention, including those who want to find an officer to kill. Any traffic stop, whether involving motorists or pedestrians, will put officers in the limelight and will expose them to possible ambushes or attacks.”  – POLICE Magazine

  • The computer screen severely compromises an officer’s visual awareness, day and night.
  • In November 2016 alone, four police officers were am​bushed and killed in their vehicles.

StopAmbush is your second set of eyes!



StopAmbush is the lookout you need!

The display unit provides 360° directional and audio alerts of anyone approaching the vehicle.​

This will allow you be situationally aware and react. Those precious few seconds may make a difference in an officer going home at the end of the shift.

Do not let anyone surprise you on duty or compromise your safety.

StopAmbush will keep you ready and alert.