When will StopAmbush ship?

StopAmbush is available to ship NOW.

What is the shipping costs?

$15 flat UPS charge Continental US only.

What does the box contain?​

The box includes two sensor pods, a display unit and the wire harness for plug and play installation.

What is your warranty?

Limited 1 year warranty on parts, not including installation costs.

Does the StopAmbush system work while the vehicle is moving?

NO – the system is based on motion sensors, it detects movement and only works while the vehicle is stationary.

Does the lightbar affect the device?

NO – The placement of the light bar was considered into the design of the device and has no effect on the overall coverage of the sensors. Each pod that is installed onto the vehicle (2 per vehicle) has 3 sensors inside. These sensors are angled and each pod covers more than 180 degrees around the vehicle. The pod coverage overlaps by 3-5ft and ensures that the two pods installed, together, provide 360 degree coverage around the vehicle.

Does vehicles trigger the device?

Yes. If a vehicle is approaching your patrol vehicle the system recognizes motion and will trigger alerts within the affected area.